About Us

I officially started PowrrUp back in 2020 when the Pandemic first swept across the world. Granted the Bitters is something we used for years in my family, typically for internal cleanses…but it wasn't until I called a relative back home, desperately seeking how to counteract this plague and they informed me…."Use the Bitters. Use the Bitters to kill the v*r*s!" 

So, I improvised because I couldn't get the same ingredients used in Jamaica (you know, borders closed, etc.). And with that – PowrrUp started. I made a lot of tea pouches and gave them away to friends and family. You see many of us did not want to go to the Emergency Room…we wanted to diffuse and remove the sickness as quickly as possible to avoid the hospital, as you remember, these places were giving "death sentence" vibes.

The response from everyone was great. No one was ever severely sick, no need for Urgent Care and on top of that if you just took 2 shot-glasses twice a week, this helped keep your immunity up and prevented any/all colds, flu's, etc… Not only that, but I received many testimonials including improved skin issues and inflammation.

So, what about PowrrUp for Men?

While this product is many, many years old…the recipe has been perfected in the last 20 yrs. I have to thank my brother for working on this recipe. He perfected this and for him…it wasn't just about libido but the additional energy that kept him energized to work out multiple times per week.
The good thing about perfecting the recipe, our herbal blend includes additional healing modalities to improve other issues like High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and Diabetes.

Fortunately, we've been giving samples to friends, and they love it (yeah...I also started making batches a year ago) but it's time to stop keeping this quiet and start bringing this out to everyone to enjoy. 

Peace & Love